As a group, South East Women in Farming first came together in October 2016.

Our initial meeting was informal and news of it spread by word of mouth only - we put the call out to ladies based in farming. We were impressed by the turnout.

At that meeting, all of us clustered together in the corner of a hotel lobby, we discussed what we could gain from starting up a female - focused group and topics that would be interesting to learn about.

Since then we have come a long way and have had speakers discussing a wide range of topics: mental health, resilience, farm safety and dealing with the media.


We aim to meet roughly once a month in the south east of Ireland. All are welcome to attend our meetings and we charge a small admission to cover costs only. Please checkout our News and Events pages for more information.

About South East Women in Farming Ireland

Lorna Sixsmith, Farmer, Author, Founding Member

We want to increase awareness, ensure daughters are considered for farm succession and taken seriously when they are farming.


What we say...

Leonie Byrne, Farmer, Founding Member

Very few women are represented in Irish farming organisations, despite their active involvement on the ground and organisations within the industry often find it difficult to profile farm women as they are disinclined to put themselves forward. We need to explore ways to encourage and inspire farm women to come forward and to get involved.



Suzanna Crampton, Farmer, Founding Member

[Our events are] a great opportunity to open the discussion and provide farm women with an opportunity to network and meet new people in the region. We would encourage all women living or working on farms in the south-east to attend.

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